Laundry Management

Laundry Management System

This is a must for Laundry shops, more commonly known as Dry cleaning shops. Drycleaner Software is the best way to accomplish your dry cleaning and laundry business. Whether you are running a single outlet laundry business or multi outlet chain of dry cleaning shops.

Drycleaner Software helps you to manage your day to day processes smoothly. It is the most fast, easy, comprehensive, complete and brief software available for dry cleaning and laundry business. It enables complete automation of the business operations & management and assist in marketing and strategic decision. Making based on smart reporting.

Feature & Benefits of Drycleaner Software

⇒ Barcode Tagging
⇒ Garment Tracking.
⇒ Track clothes to and from Workshop
⇒ Manage Payments.
⇒ Create and Manage Unlimited Users
⇒ Manage User Access Rights.
⇒ Full Accounting Control
⇒ Printing option for all type of Reports
⇒ Label Printing